The KinkForAll community uses free software and social media tools to spread awareness, connect participants, and document events.

You can buy KinkForAll merchandise (at zero markup) from the KinkForAll Printfection store. (Or, create a new store, with new designs! That’s the point. However, you may not sell KinkForAll-branded products at a markup. That’s not the point.)

You can see records of past events by searching for the hashtag of the event on social media channels. For example, you can see all blog posts about KinkForAll New York City by searching for KFANYC on Technorati, or see videos by searching Vimeo. Alternatively, search for content simply tagged KinkForAll (Technorati, Google Blog Search).

You can view the presentations recorded at past events on an event’s archived schedule grid after it gets digitized. For example, KinkForAll New York City had 45 presentations, many of which were recorded.