Peer-to-peer sexuality education movement spreads across America



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Peer-to-peer sexuality education movement spreads across America

San Francisco, CA — March 8, 2010 — Sexual freedom and health advocates are banding together to produce a free educational conference on March 21, 2010 about the intersection of sexuality with the rest of life. The all-ages, open to the public event, called KinkForAll San Francisco, invites anyone with a desire to learn or with something to contribute to participate. KinkForAll San Francisco will be hosted by the Women’s Building and is the first conference of its kind on the West coast of America.

KinkForAll San Francisco is the sixth in a series of grass-roots events that have propagated throughout New England, beginning in New York City one year ago today. Prior KinkForAll “unconferences,” in which participants are encouraged to share their knowledge with interested neighbors and peers, have featured sessions on sexually transmitted infections, technology, youth sexuality, photography, polyamory, student activism, gender theory, literature, and religion. In an effort to create shared knowledge with lasting benefit to humanity, many sessions are video recorded and made available online for free.

“The Women’s Building is a fantastic venue for KinkForAll San Francisco,” maymay, the movement’s co-founder said. “As the first women-owned and operated community resource center in America, their mission of providing tools for women and girls to achieve equal participation in society echoes KinkForAll’s core values perfectly because we believe that education is a cornerstone to achieving that equality.” Many organizers of KinkForAll conferences support a citizen-driven reform of sexuality education, and aim to empower individuals to learn on their own.

The innovative conference format offers every participant 20 minutes in which to facilitate a discussion, give a presentation, or lead a session on any topic related to sexuality. Everyone who attends is encouraged to present in whatever form they find most inspiring or comfortable. Anyone interested is welcome to indicate their participation by editing the web page at and can learn more at

About KinkForAll

KinkForAll is an ad-hoc unconference about the intersection of sexuality with the rest of life for anyone and everyone, drawing participants from an astounding range of communities. Anyone with the desire to learn in an open environment or with something to contribute is welcome and invited to participate. KinkForAll is a 100% free event that is open to the public.

KinkForAll is a fast-paced event with discussions, presentations, and interaction from all participants. There are no spectators, only participants. To attend, you must give a presentation or help out in some other way. KinkForAll events aim to support participants face-to-face and to create shared knowledge with lasting benefit to humanity. KinkForAll is inspired by and based upon the BarCamp community and unconference model.